Making Sustainability Tangible with Data

Making Sustainable Tangible through Relevant Data Artist: Antonio Moneo Sustainability Team: Isabela Alcazar, Nicole Rosow, Alec Barcenilla Fab Lab Team: Elena Cardiel We live in an era of global challenges, but also in an era of global opportunities. Sustainability is an overarching challenge that impacts the environment, social equity and economic development. Because it is a broad and complex issue, organizations like the UN believe that the strive for sustainability will not be an easy one. Apart from the technical and financial obstacles to change our productive systems, the UN says that it is a common issue that many believe “that uncertainty is too great to take action now” (Jones 2010). At IE Sustainability Week we have reflected on how data can help us mitigate that social barrier by bringing data to a physical space that help us highlight the dimension of the challenge ahead. Data as a tool The “Tangible Data” project aims to bring digital, relevant, accurate, useful and trus